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April 08, 2015
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Bubandu enables consumers to point their mobile device at brands/logos and launch an app for those brands into their device, from the cloud. Companies in Bubandu are always available without fear of "app deletion" from the device and consumers have fewer apps on their device because we deliver them to the smart device upon request.

Meet the Organizers

Dara Ambriz RunwayABQ

Dara Ambriz is a partner, co-owner and lead stylist of a local clothing boutique, Runway Apparel. With a passion for the greater Albuquerque community and working for the underserved, she serves on several boards and committees and loves empowering social profits to build capacity and entrepreneurs to build their dream.
Runway Apparel

Eric Renz-Whitmore ewhitmore

Serial community builder & connector cultivating a great environment for startups & creative tech to thrive in NM. I serve as the Community Evangelist for the New Mexico Technology Council; Organizer & Facilitator for Startup Weekends, and Co-Founder of Tech Fiesta ABQ
Dispatch ABQ

John Mierzwa @DeepDiveCoders

John Mierzwa is Dir., CNM STEMulus Initiatives and CEO/Founder of Deep Dive Coders, a web development and programming bootcamp in Albuquerque. John has been VP, Sales & Ops for a $218M co. and founder of a language school and Startup New Mexico. He is passionate about startups, business and education, and especially when they all intersect.
CNM STEMulus Center and Deep Dive Coders

Steve Cook @RevBooyah

Serial Entrepreneur and Start-Up enthusiast specializing in software, SaaS, internet, and big data/analytics. Special Projects Manager and Technology Ventures Corporation.

T.J. Cook tjcook

CEO of CauseLabs and Albuquerque native, T.J. builds software tools for for-profits and nonprofits the world over, focused on solving the world's biggest challenges.

Proudly Sponsored By

At Sabio Systems we believe we can make New Mexico the most desirable place to live and work – one Employee and one Employer at a time. Sabio Systems provides professional Staffing & Recruiting services in Accounting, Finance, Legal, Information Technology, MIS, Telecom, Legal and Office Support Services.

Past Presenters

FatPipe ABQ


FatPipe ABQ is a collaborative workspace for software and app, digital media and cybersecurity startups, high-tech and creative entrepreneurs.

Prosperity Works


Prosperity Works is a non profit that is focused on ending poverty in NM by helping LMI households build assets. In recent years organizations throughout the country have demonstrated that shifting our public policy approach from income to assets can free people from poverty and affirm the intrinsic connection between family, community and economic wellbeing.

Bounce Technology, Inc.


Bounce is a simple way to capture and share moments nearby. Share a photo and message to people within range and view cool places, people and events near your location. Share your Bounces to people just in your neighborhood or your whole city, you decide the range and how long they last. See your local universe through the eyes of your closest friends and creative people. Every time you open Bounce, you’ll find new photos and messages of memorable moments within just a few feet and up to 100 miles away.



At ScoreStik, we are rethinking the school gymnasium, turning standard TVs and projectors into high-tech, multi-functional scoreboard systems for the gym. Why mount a big, dumb, expensive box to the wall that no one wants to use or maintain when ScoreStik delivers a dynamic, customizable scoreboard that is so simple, so easy to use, that you can run it from your phone? Yet ScoreStik is so much more than just a scoreboard! Digital advertising means it can pay for itself (and more), while the endless list of capabilities that we can integrate into this system will allow it to become a coaching tool, an educational tool, an entertainment tool, and the list goes on. Oh, and for now, we are just focusing on sports, but the possible applications of our technology, well, let me tell you!



Closr.to is a web framework that enables you to see and connect with what's right around you. Patrons can set a home location or simply interact with what's near as they change locations. *We prefer the term “Patrons” instead of “Users” because we want to always remember to respect the humans exploring & shaping what we've created.

New Mexico Valor


New Mexico Valor is a portrait project honoring New Mexico veterans with a connection to the state.

Siarza Social Digital


Siarza Social Digital is a unique online communications and marketing agency with a specialization in social media, email marketing, and website development. We are experts on reaching core audiences through online channels. Mirroring the start-up culture of the tech industry, investing in our employees focuses us to do creative and innovative work for our clients.

ABQ Trolley Co. & Rude Boy Cookies

abqtrolley.com and rudeboycookies.com

ABQ Trolley Co. is a city tour company showing glimpse of beautiful ABQ. Rude Boy Cookies is NM premier cookie shop.

The Enhancement Center


The Enhancement Center is a small business of over 30 independently contracted, licensed behavioral health professionals. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is benefit offered to organizations with evidenced based results in reducing absenteeism, turnover, health care costs and workplace accidents, while improving productivity and morale.

Hautepreneurs, LLC


Premiere network for women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators providing peer support, high level masterminding, leadership training and educational opportunities.

Subliminal Gaming


A couple of cat lovers making games about falling pets, a rotund fellow rolling, and soon to make a game about 1920 cartoon characters trying to survive the decay of time.



LUMENOGIX is spin off from the National Center for Genome Resources, based in Santa Fe, NM. We provide a system for handling very large DNA data sets. This will impact the frontier of personalized medicine and molecular biology research.

Halcyon Wellness


The STARWRAP was created by Tait Yoder, a massage therapist and athletic trainer with over 17 years of experience. STARWRAP allows you to take your massage with you, and does not add any time to your existing routine. Perfect for athletes looking to improve performance and active adults looking to feel better and eliminate pain.

Ideum is a creative company focused on emerging technology and on designing public installations and products that can create meaningful and compelling user experiences. Ideum has worked on custom software and hardware projects with some of the world’s top museums such as: Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, The Field Museum, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago), Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, SFMOMA, and more.



bravo.alpha.EVENTS is a boutique, full service event planning, meeting management, and decor firm serving both corporate and private clients.



Paychex is the leading payroll provider for small businesses. Paychex also offers HR, benefits, retirement and insurance with their payroll service, which saves business owners time and money through consolidation.

The CloudSolar™ platform provides an easy way for any consumer product or service to be powered by solar, without requiring panels or other expensive hardware. It functions on top of the existing electrical grid, allowing consumers to access solar energy as a service without being limited by location or utility company monopolies. Major corporations have been doing this for years, but now Veeyah brings smart grid solar to individuals.

Simple Cocktails


Simple Cocktails is a blog and podcast for amateur home bartenders which includes simple cocktail recipes and liquor reviews.



Online creative career magazine featuring daily, first-person posts from working creatives worldwide: artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, writers and more.

Established in 2009, this locally, women-owned clothing boutique offers the discerning man and woman a great selection of international lines, locally made jewelry and accessories, and personal service. Embedded in this boutique with a heart’s core values is the desire to give back to the greater Albuquerque community through events and fundraisers. If you are looking for comfortable, classic, contemporary and distinctive clothing for a reasonable price, shop at Runway Apparel. exclusive NOT expensive.

OAC Gallery


OAC Gallery is an online gallery that sells curated artwork priced up to $5,000. All work is original and shipped directly from the artist’s studio. Customers can browse hundreds of pieces of art by medium, style, color, size and price and the gallery offers recommendations from interior designers.



In2DanceCo. was created to put "art in the heart." The curriculum created and being taught is intertwining literacy with dance. The curriculum spans all age groups and exceptionalities. This is the company's' third season. In a world that betters from exposure to art and history we believe as a collective that learning and transmitting a response is exhilarating at least. For young learners In2Dance uses kinesthetic, visual, auditory approaches in their technique.

Working Women of Central New Mexico


The premise of this group is to provide Women Entrepreneurs an opportunity to gain educational support on various business topics along with like-minded advices from many different business ventures and perspectives. It is a platform that encourages variety and equality with the chance to network and share what each other about what we do and have passion for.

Health Quest Chiropractic


Providers of functional brain based chiropractic care for wellness and performance. We are unique in that we use technology to asses neurological performance before, during, and after care. We provide care in an open, community based setting, and we do not participate in insurance plans so all of our members pay out of pocket for our services.

What's Poppin


We believe that good times aren't planned; they’re born from getting your best friends together at the right place, the right time, and with the right vibe. We believe that life is measured not by how much you have, or by how much you've done, but by the moments you've shared, and by the people you've shared them with. What’s Poppin is a new kind of app. It’s not an app you use alone, but rather an app you use together with your friends to find the next place to laugh, the next cool fun vibe to share, and the next place to party.



We build tools to impact people. CauseLabs works with social-good organizations to create web and mobile technologies that enhance and accelerate impact in underserved communities. Our rapid prototyping workshops lead to sustainable breakthroughs that solve audacious problems like li!ing people out of poverty or maximizing teachers’ time with students.

Albuquerque Sol F.C.


The Albq Sol is a Semi-Professional Soccer team in Premier Development League. The PDL is the top developmental men’s league in North America. There are 64 teams within four conferences throughout the United States and Canada. The PDL provides elite collegiate players the opportunity to taste a higher level of competition while maintaining their eligibility. The Sol is part of the Mountain Division of the Western Conference. This year we had 24 players play a different points that call NM home.

innoBright Technologies


innoBright Technologies is building a revolutionary software framework/platform that makes commercial graphics/animation renderers run faster and save > 90% of rendering time for animation studios and artists, while de-noising the images to produce high-quality output. Our framework will seamlessly integrate into existing work flow of animation studios or online rendering farms. We also plan to provide our platform for universities and researchers to help commercialize their research work.

dsire inc.


We’re a Creative Strategy, Design & Technology Company. Over the past 15 years we’ve developed a myriad of online projects for a wide range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, retail, film and entertainment industries. Everything from heavily animated theatrical marketing sites to internal business management systems, multi-user web applications, facebook applications, simple eCommerce sites, ad banner campaigns and much more…

Volante Software


Built by a team of like-minded technology professionals, our mission is to build powerful software solutions that are easy to use and provide a tangible return to our customers. We currently offer two products that target the Casino Industry. They are SlotTrak and EDGE. SlotTrak is a compliance and inventory system for slot machines. This system is production ready and we began our sales effort 3 weeks ago. EDGE is a customer service application. It is currently in use at 5 properties in Oklahoma.



We help small medical practices integrate their business processes and achieve compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations. HIPAA Host is a startup created by Matterform Media, specialists in Line of Business Applications with 22 years experience in application development and secure app hosting. Website URL is for Matterform. Product-branded web site to be published soon at http://hipaa.host

New Mexico Start Up Factory


A holding company designed to spin out individual investable companies based on early options of technology from the New Mexico Angels technology partners.

Jasper J Blake Inc


Born out of http://thelaunchladies.com and a workshop we did at TechFiesta 2013, we wanted to find a way to use our online marketing skills to help people with a passion to be able to make a living on their own terms through entrepreneurship. The Paycheck To Passion podcast aims to offer a mix of inspirational stories and practical advice to encourage those that have a passion that it is doable and help them do it right. We launch Sept 4th. Eric Renz-Whitmore suggested we present on the 3rd.

Las Nueve Ninas Winery LLC


Local winery from rural Mora NM, created and nurtured by the Aragon Family with long term multi-generation ties to the area. This is the first Legal wine from Mora County. We have approx 7 acres of vines under cultivation. Currently, we have developed 6 wines that are in area restaurants and retail establishments since March 2014. We have been active in this seasons wine festivals and are looking to expand our production and sales into both retail and restaurant markets.

Blackfish Inc


Blackfish has created an innovative app distribution platform which addresses the primary issue with apps – discoverability. Our patent pending technology lets mobile apps be found among the millions of apps out there, and therefore makes apps more profitable, which is the bottom line in this multi-billion dollar, fastest-growing sector of software.

Full Battle Rattle


We teach combat disabled veterans how to play music as a constructive outlet for PTSD and TBI----Non-Profit

Main Street Crowd


We have cloud-based software as a service that provides free “white-label style” websites to community organizations that allow them to network the community around local business and economic development. They are white label, but unlike traditional white label sites, they do not stand alone and instead of costing money, they provide revenue potential. They are organically connected by their members, initiatives, local professionals, and advertisers within our greater universe.

Mandy's Farm


Mandy's Farm is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering adults with developmental disabilities to achieve their dreams. The flagship site is located on a 4-acre farm in the South Valley, and offers therapeutic swimming, horsemanship, organic gardening. Our latest program, Everyone Can Work, connects qualified applicants with employers in the community.



ABQid identifies and supports local entrepreneurs and helps them grow into great businesses that create jobs in New Mexico. ABQid is lead by serial entrepreneurs and professional venture investors with deep experience investing in startups in New Mexico.

Enter The Dojo


A comedic web series about the bizarre world of American martial arts that has expanded to offer live performance as well as merchandise.

Delicious Sip


Luxury Organic Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories from around the world delivered straight to your door.



@Pay puts a new type of payment button in your inbox - and an easier way to buy. Use @Pay for fast, secure payments by email, on the web and from print and social media.



TEDxABQ is a nonprofit focused on highlighting NM's biggest ideas. TEDxABQ’s mission is to unlock the creative and economic potential of New Mexicans through events that inspire ideas, generate meaningful connections and foster innovation.

New Mexico Compass


The New Mexico Compass is a nonprofit startup dedicated to transparent, open-access journalism. The Compass focuses on telling stories that matter to the public, in ways that matter. Combined with the educational efforts of its parent organization, the New Mexico Journalism Collaborative, the Compass strives to be a model for reporting that strengthens the community, fosters citizen journalists and contributes to a healthy journalism ecosystem.

Southwest Sterilizers LLC


Infection prevention specialists. Autoclave performance, repair, and education.

Apache Fire Industries


Apache Fire Industries is proud to present the FIRE ANT "Where darkness comes to light". In nature, the fire ant is well known for it's strength and loyalty to it's purpose in life. In the fire industry, the same could be said about a firefighter. At AFI, we know what it takes and how hard firefighters train to stay safe on the job. After all, the FIRE ANT was invented by firefighter for a firefighter. The FIRE ANT is built on quality beliefs and Made in the USA was a requirement.

Right Sized Inventory


Right Sized Inventory (RSI) is a patented Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that analyzes the right amount of inventory for any business where inventory is a challenging aspect of operations. It then provides financial inventory projections and functionality to link recommended inventory parameters to ERP or other operational systems or to execute inventory & replenishment planning within RSI.

Food Sentry


Our web and app based services use sophisticated intelligence gathering techniques and proprietary predictive algorithms to help local consumers make safer choices for the food they purchase. We have developed a unique data set of over 8,000 violative food safety incidents and this is growing each day. No one has a information set like this.

Baby Blastoff!


Baby Blastoff! is a local start-up that manufactures and screen prints baby apparel. We aim to provide an alternative to the "pink is for girls, blue is for boys" paradigm in children's clothing by offering garments that change up clothing stereotype expectations.

Lavu, Inc.


Lavu Inc. develops and distributes point of sale system (POS) software that runs on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. POS Lavu, their flagship software product, is a full-featured system offered as a replacement for expensive, clunky, traditional systems. New accessories for the POS system are in constant development. One example, the Lavu Pilot app that displays real-time sales data on mobile phone, was implemented to help the business owners remain informed even while they are off site.

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